Lewes Climate Hub is inviting everyone to help tackle the climate emergency

Lewes Climate Hub is a not-for-profit alliance of community groups in and around Lewes in East Sussex, taking action on climate change and ecological breakdown.  

Based at 2 Fisher Street in central Lewes (shared with Lewes Community Volunteers), we provide a welcoming place staffed by volunteers where anyone can learn about the environmental challenges we now all face – and what actions we can take individually and collectively to address them.

Be informed, get inspired

When it comes to climate change there is a room for everyone to contribute. 

Both here online and at our physical hub, you can learn about personal or business steps you can take, projects and campaigns in which you can get involved. You can even find like-minded people if you want to start a project of your own.

You can also access plenty of practical advice. From switching to renewable energy to food-growing to making your home more energy efficient – Lewes Climate Hub can signpost you to advice, support, talks and workshops to help you take action in your own household, business or organisation.

We’re here for everyone

Whether you’re an individual, a family, a local business or an interest group, we are strongly committed to supporting those who haven’t typically been included in conversations on the climate and environment.

Your voice matters – so drop in [link to a map??], email us [link to enquiries box] and share your thoughts and ideas on how we tackle this emergency together and create a community that can withstand the impacts of climate change.

If you are part of a local community group that would like to be an affiliate of Lewes Climate Hub, contact us at

What does climate change mean for Lewes?

Rising temperatures, loss of species and more extreme weather patterns have serious implication for us here in the south east of England. In Lewes, we are thoroughly aware of the effects of flooding, having lived through the local floods of 2000. 

The wetlands to the south of Lewes used to be a sea inlet, and could be again as climate change leads to rising sea levels. Food production and water supplies may be threatened by changing weather and the loss of natural pollinators. The residential and other buildings in our area, many built centuries ago, are unsuited to higher temperatures. But we cannot simply wait for governments to take action: to be resilient against climate change and help reduce its worst effects, we all have to work together as a community.

What about our local councils?

One of our key aims is to promote and support (and, where necessary, challenge) the sustainability goals of our town, district and county councils. Wherever possible we aim to work closely with our councillors to help our community take real and effective action on climate change. For example, we hope to be instrumental in helping Lewes District reach its goal of generating “net zero” carbon emissions by 2030. 

Videos of talks

Catch up with recent online talks by clicking the links below (YouTube)

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