Reducing home energy use can cut a big chunk from our personal carbon emissions, says Ann Link of Transition Town Lewes. In fact, home energy accounts for about 16% of each person’s total carbon footprint. So if we all take steps to make our homes more energy efficient, we can all do our bit to get Lewes District to its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Useful webinars
There have been a number of local talks recently exploring practical ways to make your home more eco-friendly

In February, Transition Town Lewes held a series of webinars featuring local homeowners showing what they’ve done to heat and power their homes using clean energy – as well as ways to make homes more energy efficient (and therefore often cheaper to run). Catch the whole series here.

Warmer Sussex, the home energy efficiency service, has produced online webinars offering a beginner’s guide to retrofitting your home and also a deeper look at home insulation. Watch the sessions and sign up for future webinars:

Warmer Sussex also offers trustworthy advice on home energy and insulation.

Free Warm Hone Check service

If you cannot easily afford to make changes, try the county council’s Warm Home check service, which can provide free advice and grants to help with the cost of work.  As with all home improvements, avoid cowboys who call door-to-door.