Meet the Warm Home Box

As energy prices rise, lots of people want to know how they can keep their home cosy and draught-free – but without spending too much money. Now Lewes Climate Hub’s Warm Home Box is here to help, explains Ann Link

What is it?

The Warm Home Box is a portable display case of draughtproofing and insulation materials, and information about how to use them.

The idea is that the Warm Home Box can be easily taken to events to inspire and inform people about the simple, low-cost actions they can to make their homes warmer and more energy efficient

Olivier Sauer, Lynda Durrant, Jill Goulder and I have developed the Warm Home Box as a project of Lewes Climate Hub, supported by funding from Ouse Valley Cares (now Ouse Valley Climate Action) and the South Downs National Park.

We’ve taken the Box to four events since March, such as an insulation roundtable in Piddinghoe. We aim to use the Box in at least 12 sessions during the year to February 2023 so if you would like us to visit your group or event, please contact me on . Its permanent base will be at Lewes Climate Hub’s new location, in Lewes House on School Hill.

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