Retrofitting our homes on the Nevill

Nevill 2030 is a group of residents in the Nevill estate in Lewes concerned about the climate emergency and loss of biodiversity. We share ideas for actions that we can take locally. We organise community events and activities to promote environmental awareness, sustainability and resilience in our neighbourhood, says Ann Link.

The goal of Nevill 2030 is to get the whole estate to net zero carbon by 2030, and improve long-term well-being and biodiversity in the process. To do this, we are looking first at the energy efficiency of our homes, especially retrofitting dwellings so that they consume much less energy and give rise to fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Guide for householders
We are going to apply for funding to produce a guide for householders, concentrating on “fabric first” – reducing the demand for energy by insulating and draught-proofing. This guide will be posted on the Lewes Climate Hub website, with links from the Nevill Residents’ and other local websites. We will also sell paper copies for a small sum to cover the cost of printing.

The guide aims to enable householders who can afford to improve the energy of their homes but are not sure where to start to learn from their neighbours’ experience. If you have refurbished to save energy in your house, please get in touch and share your expertise.

We will also apply for funding for a retrofit coordinator to produce ‘whole house plans’ for several house types on the Nevill. These model energy savings, showing the benefits of different improvements and how to plan work in logical stages. As retrofitting can be complex, people will be encouraged to seek professional advice to implement improvements to their homes.

Help with costs
The knowledge that we build up should help us find sources of money for householders who want to save energy but cannot afford the outlay. We will liaise with the District Council to find about their plans to improve council-owned homes. We also want to ensure people can find out about free sources of help with bills and with smaller actions to reduce energy use. This practical work will lay the ground for further progress towards net zero.

Get in contact
Nevill 2030 is a small voluntary group, and we want to encourage as many people as possible on the estate to get involved. To join in, email or find us via the Nevill Community WhatsApp group.