Local enterprise: Going zero waste with The Seasons

To mark Plastic Free July, Robin Walden of The Seasons Wholefoods in Lewes and Forest Row explains how they’re working to help shoppers to cut out plastic – and offering some special zero-waste July shopping offers too.

The Seasons is a local family run business, serving our community through two retail shops in Lewes and Forest Row (with the latter also featuring a café). Our mission will always be to supply local people with locally-grown organic food by working with trusted partners and supporting organic growers and Fairtrade producers globally through ethical supply chains.

For over 50 years we’ve used our voice to grow awareness of and progress the movement towards regenerative agriculture and food. That includes promoting the importance of reuse and refill.

Our Lewes shop opened in September 2019 with a focus on zero waste shopping as well as fresh organic produce. It now has over 120 products to offer from dried goods dispensers that allow people to bring and fill their own bags and containers. This includes oats, pastas, lentils, rice, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, herbs, spices, coffee beans, legumes, and even a snack section including treats from the Raw Chocolate Company, such as chocolate-covered bananas.

Beyond food items, there are refills for household cleaning and health & beauty products. Customers can refill a range of shampoos, conditioners, and hand wash as well as laundry liquid, washing-up liquid and fabric conditioner.

Zero waste extends to our organic vegetables and fruit from local providers, which are unwrapped and free from plastic, as well as our bread, which is freshly delivered daily. We also offer a fresh oat milk station where you can refill your own 500ml or 1-litre marked bottles. Soon you’ll be able to grind coffee beans in the Lewes shop too!

Fill your own
While we do provide sustainable brown paper bags for our dried goods and fresh fruit & vegetables, we absolutely LOVE it when customers bring their own containers and bags from home to refill! If you’re unsure how the refill station works or need assistance, our friendly staff members are always happy to guide you through the process from start to finish. Together, we can reduce plastic waste one refill at a time.

What about cost?
Recently we spent some time exploring price comparisons. We were really pleased to see that our organic loose items regularly turn out to be cheaper than the equivalent at many supermarkets. So you can get the items that you need at a cheaper price, reduce single-use plastic and support the local economy – all at the same time.

By using materials mindfully and promoting a ‘circular’ approach to consumption, we can all help to show that simple practical solutions to plastic pollution and the climate crisis are within our reach.

Get 10% off zero-waste products
Already a loyalty member of The Seasons Wholefoods? Enjoy a 10% discount on all zero-waste products throughout July! Not a member yet? Visit The Seasons shops and sign up today to take advantage of this offer all month long.

Carbon-free home deliveries
You can also help the environment by using our e-cargo bike home delivery service, offered in partnership with local enterprise Get Bikery. Any customers living in central Lewes and placing orders online, or shopping in-store Tuesday or Friday morning, can have their shopping delivered by electric cargo bike!

July special offer: 20% off Sunflower Hack

The Seasons Wholefoods is offering a 20% discount on Sunflower Hack throughout July!

Sunflower Hack is a textured vegan meat substitute made from 100% sunflower seeds, mince-meat alternative. Nutritionally, Sunflower Hack is impressive, containing 50g of protein and 20g of fibre per 100g, making it an excellent choice for those following a low-carb diet

Try Sunflower Hack at The Seasons Wholefoods in Lewes. Just pop in and fill up a container to claim 20% off.