Can you be a Warm Home Box promoter?

The Warm Home Box was created as a portable means to inspire people with simple and cost-effective ways to draught-proof and insulate their home. Now it needs a special person to take over and promote it around Lewes and beyond

 The Warm Home Box is an engaging display of draught-proofing and simple insulation materials. It  allows people to see and handle materials that they can easily deploy at home – it makes a lot of difference if people can see items and talk about how to use them. Reducing draughts saves a surprising amount of money and greatly increases comfort, yet it is something a lot of us often keep delaying.

We created the Warm Home Box in 2022 and it has visited several events around Lewes. When we lent it recently to Amberley Eco Fair it attracted lots of interest with new ideas being discussed as a result, even in June when, notoriously, no-one is interested being warmer! 

Promoting the box

Now we’re looking for someone to take on the organising and promotion of the Warm Home Box. This involves responding to requests and in some cases taking the box to a venue, setting it up (it is in a portable case with its own folding legs) and talking with people. 

There is also a lot of useful information with it, including a helpful four-page guide.  Anyone interested could learn enough to look after it, and help will be on hand via Olivier (who built the Box and does draught proofing work) and me. It would be good to get it to around half a dozen events this autumn and winter.

Come and take a look!

Lewes Climate Hub will be featuring the Warm Home Box at Societies Fair at Lewes Town Hall on Saturday 2nd September. If you’re interested in helping, please come along to the Lewes Climate Hub stall between 10am and 1pm  and/or contact