Bring nature to young people at Laughton Greenwood

Community-run woodland Laughton Greenwood has secured funding to deliver woodland activity sessions for children and young people. Now it’s looking for volunteers who can share their skills and knowledge of nature. Could you help?

Laughton Greenwood is a community run woodland. We rely on the support of volunteers to help restore and conserve the beauty of the woodland as well as to maintain and manage the woodland so that we can safely welcome visitors.

We currently run regular woodland maintenance and conservation volunteering sessions on the first Sunday of each month (details given in the Lewes Climate Hub monthly newsletter). These sessions are a great way to meet new people and contribute to the community. 

We are fortunate enough to have secured funding to deliver woodland activity sessions for community groups involving children, young people and families. To do this, we are looking for volunteers: local people who love being outdoors as much as we do and who may also have some great skills, knowledge and/or experience that can be shared.

  • Do you have any experience of working with these groups and would like to be involved in some way?
  • Do you have any experience, skills and knowledge about the natural world that could be used?
  • Are you an outdoor practitioner who is looking for more hands-on experience?
  • Are you an educator who is looking for a more creative outlet?
  • Do you just have an interest in getting involved somehow and being in the woods?
  • Are you looking for some work experience with these groups?

This opportunity is open to all ages from 18+. To get involved or to find out more, please contact Charlie Irving at .