Support wildlife in Lewes allotments

Do you have an allotment? The Lewes Mosaic project is developing a programme of wildlife surveys and workshops to identify the rich biodiversity currently and potentially to be found on allotment sites in and around Lewes– and it wants your help!

To kickstart its allotment project, the Lewes Mosaic project has produced its first seasonal allotment newsletter, highlighting creatures to look out for in your allotment and seasonal tips on how to encourage and protect wildlife this autumn/winter.

Survey for allotment holders
Allotment holders are also invited to take part in a quick survey about what their allotment means to them and how it’s supporting wildlife. You can take part in the survey by clicking here or by scanning the QR code here.

About Lewes Mosaic project
Lewes Mosaic project is a partnership between the Railway Land Wildlife Trust and Common Cause Cooperative to connect personal wellbeing with wildlife and nature. For more information about the project, visit