Urge our next MP to support the Climate & Nature Bill

The Climate & Nature (CAN) Bill aims to restore nature and keep up the fight to cut carbon emissions. It could become law after the General Election. Over 1,480 organisations, politicians, and scientists from across the UK are backing the Bill. Now you can sign an open letter urging Lewes’s electoral candidates to give it their support.

What is the Climate & Nature (CAN) Bill?

The Climate & Nature (CAN) Bill aims to restore nature and keep the fight to reduce emissions alive. It is the only proposed legislation before the UK Parliament that ensures a comprehensive and joined-up approach to the climate emergency and nature crisis.

For example, while the existing Environment Act only offers to halt the decline of nature by 2030, the Climate and Nature Bill commits to reversing biodiversity loss by 2030. This is why the Bill is massively supported by naturalist Chris Packham and others.

How can you support the Bill?

As a resident of Lewes District, you can urge our candidates to back the Bill by signing an open letter to them. Read and sign up to the open letter here: https://action.zerohour.uk/lewes

As you’ll see, you can sign the open letter as an individual. But even more powerfully, you can add your support as an organisation that you belong to or work for. And you can ask other members of that organisation to sign the open letter too. See how to sign the letter as an organisation here: https://action.zerohour.uk/lewes

Why we think it is so important

The Climate & Nature Bill is our best chance to get binding legislation to protect the climate and nature. Properly implemented, it has the power to have a knock-on effect, tackling the challenges exacerbating climate change across the economy, across industry, and agriculture, as well as at last protecting our waterways, wildlife and woodlands.

By becoming a supporter of the Bill, you can show candidates in the General Election that they have a mandate to support the Bill if elected to Parliament. The more sign-ups we have the better. Lewes Climate Hub is inviting as many people and organisations as possible to sign up to the open letter by the end of May to present to the candidates standing for Lewes.

Take action!
Our collective voices can encourage our candidates to support the Climate & Nature Bill on our behalf. Please sign as an individual, or as an organisation, and encourage others to sign – and share: https://action.zerohour.uk/lewes