The latest climate report from the IPCC is clear – there’s no time to waste when it comes to the climate emergency. We must do everything we can to limit the damage.

And yet, despite everything we know about the climate-wrecking impacts of coal, the UK government is still funneling money into fossil fuels. Like the proposed deep coal mine in West Cumbria – the first in the UK for 30 years – that we’re campaigning against [1]. 

There’s a long way to go. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to decades of campaigning, coal now accounts for just 1.6% of the electricity mix on the national grid. That’s compared with almost 25% just 5 years ago. 

Our partners, Ecotricity, use wind turbines and solar parks across Britain to supply green, vegan-certified energy to your home. So why not make the switch?  

For every one of you that joins, £50 will be donated to Friends of the Earth – a donation that will be repeated every year you stay with Ecotricity.