We gathered in Lewes on Saturday 26th March for our “Walk and Talk” event. This event was all about engaging with people ahead of our upcoming national rebellion – to discuss and inform, to hear people’s thoughts about our movement and on the climate and environmental emergency. To talk about our new demand – that the UK Government immediately stops investing in fossil fuels. To listen to their doubts and questions; to share their hopes and fears.

And it was a good event in lots of ways. As you can see, there was all the colour, passion and creativity that we’re so well known for. The Crude Oil Mechanicals’ staging of a ‘tug-of-war’ between fossil fuels and renewables was brilliant. And we felt something we’ve missed terribly – the joy of joining together and taking action.

With one notable exception (the usual stuff – environmental activists who don’t live naked in caves are hypocrites, etc), passers-by were positive, encouraging and engaged. We were delighted to see some old faces and welcome some new ones.

But – and here’s the hard truth of it – there weren’t enough of us. Nowhere near. A movement like ours will stand or fall by its numbers. And we need more. Many more.

So much has changed since we started our movement. We’ve had a pandemic, now we’ve got war in Ukraine and a cost of living crisis. But the reason we started XR hasn’t changed. The need to act is more urgent than ever; the window in which we can act is closing rapidly.

We understand that dealing with Covid and war and rising prices is exhausting. It’s just relentless, and most of us are feeling knackered. Some days it feels hard enough just dealing with the everyday stuff, never mind thinking about environmental activism.  

We completely get it. But somehow we must dig deep, find the courage to face this, the greatest crisis of all. and the energy to do something about it.

So, we’re appealing to you, with love and undiminished hope – come and join the April rebellion. Bring your energy, your passion, your talents, your spirit.

There is so much you can do. And make no mistake, we need you. History needs you. The world needs you.

XR Lewes’s Mark Engineer delivered a strong message, see his speech here or watch on YouTube.