Save the date: Witness the vote for fossil fuel divestment

June or September will see East Sussex County Council vote on whether its pension fund should finally divest out of fossil fuels. It’s vital that as many people as possible are there to witness how our councillors vote, explains Gabriel Carlyle of Divest East Sussex

This summer, five East Sussex County Councillors will vote, at County Hall in Lewes, on whether the East Sussex Pension Fund should finally divest from fossil fuel companies that are driving the climate crisis.

The Councillors who’ve been blocking this for the last 10 years don’t want people to know about what’s really going on – and they certainly don’t want members of the public there to witness them voting against fossil fuel divestment.

That’s why we need as many people as possible to attend and witness the vote – which has already been delayed by six months – when it finally takes place.

No date has yet been set, but the most likely days are Wednesday 19 June or Wednesday 25 September.

So we’re asking you to save these dates if you can and to let us know which ones you can make by visiting:

Meanwhile….County Council blow £200,000 resisting climate action.
Over the last two-and-a-quarter years, East Sussex County Council and the East Sussex Pension Fund have spent over £200,000 resisting calls for them to stop investing in the giant fossil fuel companies that are driving the climate crisis, a series of Freedom of Information Act requests has revealed.

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