In February we held our first Lewes Climate Hub and SEA webinar event!

As we move toward Spring 2021, there is a simple and very real thing we can do to improve life where we are right now – and that is to learn more about Renaturing and Rewilding. Hear all about the basic principles to help us put it into practice, whether we have a balcony, a garden, an allotment, a park or rolling hillsides!

We have an ambition to give 30 per cent of cultivated land back to nature by 2030 to help safeguard bio-diversity and thereby look after our well being into the bargain. We have a wealth of local expertise and so let’s all learn about what’s involved and see where the practice takes us!

Let’s Spring into Renaturing – We can always come back for more info and advice!

Rina Quinlan:
Wilder landscapes: the River Ouse and surroundings

Dylan Walker:
Your countryside needs you! How everybody can get involved in Rewilding

Helen Meade:
Tree Planting and Tree Summit.

Join the campaign to renature 1 square metre of your outdoor space for wildlife, and show your neighbours that a wild patch of garden is loved not neglected!