Transition Town Lewes 2021 electric car and bike shows

If you missed them – or would like to catch up on any information again – both shows are now available to watch on YouTube:

Lewes Online Electric Car Show – watch here.
Hear from local owners of a range of electric models from low-cost Smart cars and the Nissan Leaf to Teslas, BMWs and even a Jaguar. Hear drivers’ experiences of the practicalities of charging up both at home and on the road – plus planning for longer journeys. 

Lewes Online Electric Bike Show – watch here
Local owners talk about why they chose the model they did, and the benefits of going electric. The Show also talks to cyclists who have converted a standard bike to electric. Matt Bird of Lewes District Councilalso discusses plans for introducing e-cargo bikes in Lewes for cleaner, greener short-distance delivery.