Saturday 6th – Saturday 20th April
Lewes Climate Hub, Lewes House, 32 High Street, BN7 2LU

Join us for three Saturday  lunchtime talks exploring how we can make finance fit for the planet – from rethinking our economic systems to greening our own savings, pensions and investments.

Saturday 6 April, 1pm TALK: Rethinking economic growth
What’s the problem with economic growth? Is it delivering what society needs or are there alternatives that can provide decent standards of living for everyone – without trashing the planet? Oliver Dudok van Heel, Fellow of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity, will highlight the flaws of our addiction to growth and how we can rethink what a prosperous economy really looks like.

Saturday 13 April, 1pm DEBATE: How do we get companies to change?

Photo: Divest East Sussex

What’s the best way to stop companies trashing the planet? Join Divest East Sussex and others to debate whether divestment (selling shares in a company) or engagement (such as driving for change through shareholder voting) is the best way to get oil companies and other big corporations to clean up their act. The session also looks at what else you can do as an investor or consumer to press for change.

Saturday 20 April, 1pm TALK: How to invest for good
Can your own financial-planning really deliver a positive impact for the planet? (Well, it’s been estimated that greening our pensions cuts our carbon footprint 21 times more than going veggie, giving up flying and switching energy providers combined!) Financial writers Richard Tyszkiewicz and Juliet Oxborrow explore ethical and responsible options for bank accounts, savings, pensions and investments – and how to assess an investment’s green credentials. 

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