Photo: Greenpeace - Liverpool Climate Voter Team

Get involved in Project Climate Vote

A general election is coming soon, and it’s the UK’s best shot at pushing for serious climate action. So Greenpeace is asking the British public to push the next government – whoever it is – to take climate change seriously. This is Project Climate Vote.

Greenpeace says: We need politicians to be ambitious on climate action. So street by street, town by town, we’re going out door-knocking to recruit a million climate voters. A vote for climate is also a vote for cheaper bills, a vote for better health, a vote for the future. In this digital age, face-to-face conversations make a huge impact!

The Project Climate Vote volunteer community has been smashing it! Since we launched in September together we have:

  • knocked nearly 8,000 doors
  • had more than 3,000 climate conversations
  • recruited more than 2,000 climate voters (70% of people!)
  • given out more than 1,400 “I’m a Climate Voter” posters
  • and we now have nearly 700 door knocking trained volunteers across the UK!

And this is just the beginning…we now need you to get involved to help us scale up the campaign! 

And if door knocking isn’t for you, stay tuned! There will be lots of other ways to get involved in the new year.

Learn more and see the different ways you can get involved here. To support Project Climate Vote action in Lewes, email .