What is a Climate Café?

Perhaps you have begun to worry about what is happening to our climate and what this might mean for you and your family and friends, also for other species.

The focus of discussion in a Climate Café is participant’s immediate thoughts and feelings, rather than what we are doing (or not doing) about it. In a word we make space for the trouble, instead of merely wishing it away. It is a simple, friendly hospitable space where fears, uncertainties and other difficult feelings can be safely expressed and acknowledged. This allows for a conversation without pre-set themes or objectives in mind, other than how you are affected by the climate emergency and related biodiversity crisis.

That climate change is happening for real is taken as read. Accordingly a Climate Cafe is NOT a space for arguing about the validity of the science. It is also an advice-free zone with no pressure to take action, join a group or change your mind on anything.

Principles of a Climate Café
You may on a previous occasion, in some other context, have felt shut down when you have tried to voice your concerns. Perhaps someone else found the topic too difficult or challenging. With this in mind Climate Cafes have 5 simple guidelines:

• Say what you really, actually feel
• Take it in turns to speak: be mindful of how much space you are taking up; and try not to interrupt others
• Observe confidentiality: don’t report what others said to third parties who were not present
• Listen and take an interest in other’s view, and don’t try to impose your own.
• Silence is fine. So is anger. Tears also have a place.

Climate cafes are facilitated by Guy Gladstone and Jack Broadley of The Climate Psychology Alliance. For more information and to reserve places, call Guy on 01323 891 097.