Following the temporary suspension of Friday sittings in Parliament, the CEE Bill currently does not have a second reading scheduled. Campaigners are working to ensure it does return to the parliamentary agenda. We’ll keep you posted!

If the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) bill becomes law, it will give us a serious plan to address the crisis we are in and give ordinary people a real say on the way forward.

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The national CEE Bill Alliance says:

‘…we will need the majority of MPs to support the bill to give it a chance to become law. Taking a bill through Parliament is a lengthy process – the Climate Change Act took three years! But we obviously need to get the Climate and Ecological Emergency bill through in a fraction of that time… so it’s time for MPs to step up!”

What will the CEE Bill do in law?

  1. Ensure that the UK contributes fairly to climate mitigation consistent with limiting global temperatures increase to 1.5°C (compared to average pre-industrial levels).

  2. Ensure that the UK takes full responsibility in accounting for its entire greenhouse gas footprint (consumption emissions, passenger international shipping, flights and land-based transport) domestically and internationally.

  3. Ensure that the UK first and foremost  reduces its anthropogenic  greenhouse gas emissions, to the point of cessation (zero), at energy sources.

  4. Ensure that any negative emissions technologies may only be considered with proven efficacy and stringent safeguarding against any negative impacts on any ecosystems.

  5. Ensure the restricted conditions for proposed negative emissions’ technologies for the purpose of carbon offsetting only when all alternative carbon neutral approaches have been primarily pursued. Negative emissions technologies must not be factored into prospective mitigation pathways as a substitute for societal decarbonisation.

  6. Ensure that the UK abides by annual national carbon budgets and in enacting the transition to a carbon neutral economy the burden must not fall on the poorest in society.

  7. Ensure that the UK restores and regenerates its habitats by implementing robust measures to protect and enhance the variety, abundance and health of soils and biodiversity in both rural and urban/human-modified ecosystems and in so doing, enriches natural carbon sinks.

  8. Ensure that the UK implements conditions that protect health and resilience of ecosystems along both domestic and UK global supply chains (incl. extraction of natural resources, land degradation, pollution and waste), and thus mitigate the UK’s ecological footprint.

  9. Ensure that independent bodies create benchmark standards to robustly evaluate the progress of the UK’s climate mitigation and ecological protection and restoration pathways

  10. Ensure that the strategy and solutions to enact this law are thoroughly democratic: a citizens’ assembly – randomly selected but representative sample of the UK population- to work alongside Government, under the scrutiny of Parliament.

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