Can you help improve Lewes bike parking?

Cycle Lewes is aiming for more convenient and secure bike parking and storage in Lewes, to encourage and welcome cycling in the town – and now needs more volunteers to help make it happen, says Anne Yarrow

There have lots of good ideas on how to improve cycle parking and storage in Lewes. These have come from our own Working Group, from the recent ‘Are We There Yet’ travel season at Lewes Climate Hub, and the Lewes Town Cycle, Stop and Walk Workshop Report commissioned by the District Council.

Now, we need to sort and prioritise where to concentrate Cycle Lewes’s efforts among these many proposals and suggestions – and then actually make things happen!

We have a small group working on these issues, but need more volunteers! Are you passionate about improving cycling provision in town? Could you give a little time to help with this? You may have fresh ideas to contribute, or useful contacts with councils, businesses or other local bodies that should be providing bike parking. However you can help, we’d love to hear from you.

For more details, and to discuss how you could support this initiative, please contact the Cycle Parking Working Group via .