Calling all local fungi experts

Laughton Greenwood is looking for someone with some expertise about fungi to help survey the types growing in this popular, local community wood. Could you help? asks Steve Lewis.

Fungi are all the rage at the moment:

  • 15th to 17th September – All Things Fungi Festival is being held near East Grinstead
  • 7th October is World Fungi Day
  • 10th November – The Linklater Pavilion at the Railway Land Wildlife Trust is screening a film called ‘Fantastic Fungi’

At Laughton Greenwood we know we have a range of mushrooms & fungi in our wood, but we don’t know much about it. We would love to connect with someone who can help us do some sort of survey or mapping in the wood, to see what we’ve got.

If you know a bit about mushrooms, foraging or fungi (or know anyone that does) please drop us a line & we can have a chat over a coffee (or a toadstool!). Email