Man on Plane

Two-time Paralympian gold medallist James Brown climbed on the roof of a commercial airliner on the 10th of October 2019, to highlight the dire extent of the climate crisis and ultimately paid the price. The only real crime he committed was caring about his children and all the children of the world. This documentary ‘Man on Plane’ delves deep into the emotional struggle of James who is visually impaired, the reasons why he took this action, dealing with climate anxiety and coming to terms with the severe legal consequences. The jailing of James for six months coincides with the failed 26th Conference of Parties (COP26). The conservative scientific consensus is 2.4 degrees of Global warming. This is a death sentence to hundreds of millions of people, leading to cascading tipping points and will change our planet forever. The future of life hangs in the balance of what we do over the next few short years. James action was a wake-up call to humanity. The Governments response to climate protesters is to jail the protesters and this raises the question – who are the real criminals?

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