3rd to 11th July 2021

Drawing or painting competition for children and young people

Swifts are in trouble, and they need our help! Their numbers have halved since 2000! Can you make a poster to spread the word about these fascinating birds so that more people will help to protect them?

  • Download and read this booklet from Swift Conservation about Swifts shared on our website: Swift Awareness Week 2021 – Lewes Swift Supporters (e-voice.org.uk)
  • Paint or draw your own picture of a Swift or Swifts – using the booklet, you could add some words to help people to understand how they might help them!
  • Take a photograph of your picture and send it to us by 3rd August 2021 by email: lewesswifts@gmail.com
  • We will publish your pictures on our website, Facebook group and other media. Names will not be published unless we have your permission.
  • You could win a prize of a book token – but, more importantly, you will have helped the Swifts!

Photograph by David Moreton, courtesy of Swift Conservation