January 2021 Edition 1

Dear Friends of Lewes Climate Hub, hello and Happy Christmas!
We would like to warmly thank everyone involved for all their hard work and for getting us this far.

BREAKING NEWS! We've got our £2000 funding from Lewes Town Council!

Fisher Street premises

Notwithstanding the strange events of this year, we end it on a hopeful note, having now secured the use of a physical Climate Hub in the middle of Lewes. The premises are No 2 Fisher Street - just next to the Town Hall. Lewes Town Council have kindly allowed us to use the window for free until we have funding to rent it. Initially we will be sharing the premises for a year with Lewes Community Volunteers. This looks a very promising partnership as they have many volunteers and we have many projects that need them!
We are very cheered to have the opportunity of a real space to start putting into practice our aim of working with all our partners, friends and supporter groups, helping the general public to take action locally on Climate Change. This will hopefully give us a chance to try things out and see in which directions we need to grow.
Helping us attract general attention to the fact we are up and running is our ‘Christmas Window’- supporting the South Malling School Christmas Trail,
from the 14th and 20th of December.

Two campaigns to start the new year

Renaturing Forum

We will be hosting a Renaturing/Restoring Forum with speakers offering experience ranging from managing small scale plots to the open countryside. This will give hands-on advice as to how to renature our gardens, other outdoor spaces and even window boxes, so all of Lewes District can get involved in increasing bio-diversity and arrest the depletion of our natural environment. We will gather ideas on how to go about rewilding, and prepare during these winter months for the return of spring.

Support the CEE Bill

We will also be promoting details of the ‘Support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill’ campaign across our platforms until March, when the Bill receives its second reading in Parliament.
Although not all of our affiliate groups will find it appropriate to promote political campaigns to their members, information is available on our website to be shared by/with any likely supporters! This potentially landmark piece of legislation seems our best option at the moment to defend nature and the climate. It aims to include protections for forests, rivers, wildlife, land and sea. It also aims to measure CO2 emissions for the UK accurately and ask for legally binding reductions. It also offers the innovation of a national citizens’ assembly informed by experts, to reach consensual policies that can then be put into law.

Resource bank

We hope to host a resource bank of leaflets, posters etc. of climate-related information that all groups can freely access, download or print out and distribute as needed. This may also include films (e.g TED talks and films of online workshops) and useful links.
We hope to be able to start hosting talks, workshops and advice sessions at 2 Fisher Street at some point soon in the new year.
We also plan to use resources at our outreach partners and friends such as the Railway Land Wildlife Trust and Zu Café to help deliver activities and events – a big thank you to everyone who is volunteering space and resources. Please keep the offers of help coming!
The window of 2 Fisher Street will work hard displaying information, projects and campaigns.
We will also be busy sharing projects from all our groups with each other and hopefully developing new ones.
There are a number of things to sort out first:
  • Covid procedures
  • Volunteer and group rotas to staff the building;
Permissions and protocols to be formalised - but we are on the way!

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